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Conveyor Development History

by Phil Blume last modified May 20, 2009 04:38 PM



A screen from a Conveyor v.1 presentation
More pictures of Conveyor v.1

Over the course of the last 15 years, major museums worldwide have increasingly turned to using interactive multimedia presentations to enhance the public's understanding and enjoyment of their collections. Unfortunately, such presentations have been extremely expensive to develop, placing them beyond the reach of all but the best-funded organizations. Until Conveyor arrived, that is . . .

In 1999, following extensive research into the needs of the museum community, The Regency Town House Heritage Centre in Brighton & Hove, England, produced the first version of 'Conveyor', an economical and simple-to-use, desktop-application for making multimedia.

Designed by museum people, for museum people, Conveyor v.1 enabled staff to take images, texts, sounds, animations and videos and simply insert them into the framework of a pre-formatted interactive presentation. Best of all, there was no computer programming involved!

Early project funding

The British Government’s ‘Department for Culture, Media and Sport’ provided initial funding for the development of Conveyor v.1 in the UK. Subsequent collaborative projects with European partners resulted in various local language versions, including Flemish, while funding from the American Express Foundation enabled the production of versions for distribution in SE Asia, including one in Mandarin.

Conveyor v.1 has now been used to make museum visitor guides, to interpret collections, to tell the stories of historic towns and cities, to explore the history of costume, to describe European political upheaval and even to set-out the guidelines for securing a successful marriage in Singapore.

If you would like to know more about Conveyor v.1, use the links provided below.

Making a Conveyor v.1 presentation

What a Conveyor v.1 presentation looks like

Conveyor v.2 - the current project

Our new, Internet-based, Conveyor authoring system (v.2) is now under development. To learn more about this exciting initiative, explore the other sections of this website and then create yourself a user account and start making your own multimedia presentations!

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